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Mom joined loke it or nto

Eric come bring in the groceries for me, please. 

Eric came in and behind him were two new boys she had never seen, mom this is Mike and loots.
Hi guys. He now has black friends she thought?
"Hi Mrs M how are you"?
"Fine thank you, Eric get the stuff out of the trunk for me". "Ok" and off the three of them went. 
Wow they had a strange smell on them, oh well probably there cologne. After all the packages were put away she looked around, the three boys had gone back to the porch. She had jeans and a new top she wanted to try on and she wanted to see how they looked. 

She headed out to the porch and when she opened the door the smell of pot hit her, wow this is a contact hi she thought. "So your smoking pot out here"! 
Loots looked at her, "were sorry Mrs M but we didn’t expect you home this early".
"Why are you all home so early Eric"? "Half day mom". "Oh that’s right".
Donna had been on the porch for a good five minutes and had indeed gotten a contact high. 
"Do you want us to go Mike asked"?
She was already feeling mellow so her response was no you cane stay.
"Mrs. M want a joint" loots asked?
"Not right now thank you, eric can I speak to you a moment". He followed her into her bedroom. Eric I didn’t know you had any black friends?
"Well were all on the JV team, so we got friendly". 
"Oh and when did the pot start"? 
"A few months ago, but we only smoke it when all the other things we have to do are done which included our homework".
"Ok I want to try on some new clothes I bought and then I’ll be out". What the hell am I saying, I can’t sit out there with them smoking pot, can I? Donna took a shower changed into blue sexy boy shorts and a matching lace bra. Now the jeans, Damn skin tight but I look good in them. A rather low cut blouse and she be ready when her husband Donald got home to go out for dinner. 
The phone rang it was Donald, "what’s up hon" "I’m going to our branch off for a meeting so it will be to late to drive back". "There putting us in a local hotel so I’ll call you in the morning, by got to go". The phone went dead.
Great all sexed up and nowhere to go. Well lets see if the guys like it.
She opened the door and stepped out, wow another contact hit of pot, "anyone want a drink"? "Coke, ice tea anything"?

"I’ll have coke mom", loot and mike opted for ice tea. As she turned she wiggled her ass a good deal more then normal and stepped inside.

Donna was 40 long blond hair 38c which were starting to sag, her but was cute but slowly sagging as well. The worst thing was her husband had gotten a promotion and was damn near never home. She hadn’t had a cock in over three months and her vibrator just wasn’t cutting it and her husband really didn’t care.

After pouring the drinks she went back outside, gave everyone there drink and sat down.

"You want a joint mike asked"?

"I’m not sure I should"?

"Why"?" Can’t hurt you"." I know but it does funny things to me".

"Like what"? "Never mind".

Donna got up and said I’ll be right back and went into the kitchen, she ducked down as she could here the boys talking. They were talking about her.

"Loots did you see that ass"," yeah man"." I’d give anything to sink my 6 inch cock it that"," I’ve got seven for her". "I’ll bet she look fucken fantastic with a cock in her mouth", "I hope it would be mine".

Donna smiled and thought well at least I still arouse someone. "She came back outside smiled and said, "what the hell my husband is getting home till Saturday so give me a joint". Mike and loots smiled at each other and handed her a joint.

Eric was half asleep in his chair and didn’t seem to be the least bit interested. Donna smoked almost the whole thing, "wow this is good shit". "Yes mam".
"Mrs. M I have a question"? "Ok". "What funny things does pot make you do"?
She giggled and said "get horny". "Wow us too".

"Don’t you guys jerk off or have girlfriends for that"?
"Sure but all this week neither of us have cum even once".
"My god your nuts sacks must be full"! "Overflowing".

She giggled " Wow I’m really sorry I can only imagine what blue balls feels like, and judging from the bulges in your shorts they are getting bluer".

"Well at least we have you to look at and our MILF porn"." Do you think I’m nice to look at"? " Damn right we do, and those tits on you are great". "Thanks"
"MILF porn, what is that"? "Can I see"? "Sure come over here".
She went over to there laptop and before she knew it there was a mom rubbing a couple of hard cocks that belonged to two very young men. "Wow that’s hot"..
"Why did you turn it off"? "Well first we shouldn’t watch it out here with your son sleeping in a chair and besides you can’t watch porn unless your in your underwear".
Donna was very mellow and really wanted to see the video so she looked at eric and said "come inside". "Where should we watch this"? "The den"?
"No we need a place if eric gets up he will not know what were doing".
"Your right, my room and we’ll lock the door:
 Once in her room she locked the door, they had set up the laptop on her dresser. They started to get undressed. "Hey Mrs. M what gives"? "Your serious about the underwear thing"? "Ok, ok what the hell". She took off her blouse and slipped out of her jeans. The boys smiled, "you like what you see", they both nodded yes. Well turn on the movie. All three sat on her bed very close to each other.

She was engrossed in the porn when she felt a hand on the front of her panties, "mike you really shouldn’t", but made no effort to stop him. Loots pulled one of her tits out and starting sucking it.
Loots looked at her and said "feel good"?
No use lying as her nipples were hard as stones and she was very wet. "It feel great, oh god it really does feel great", a slight jerk and both tits were now free to be sucked and the hand was now in her panties working the clit which was already stand up.
She felt down there bodies and found two rock hard cocks. "It seems you weren‘t kidding about full nut sacks were you"? Mike stood up and the computer went blank.

"That is a very nice cock you have standing there Mr."

Loots whispered in her ear "spread you legs", and she did.

"If you’d like I can help you with that thing but it must be our secret, even eric can’t find out".

Mike smiled "ok with me", loots just grunted as he kept a tit in his mouth.

Donna stood up and unclipped her bra, putting her thumbs in the waistband of her panties she pulled them off. "Lay down" loots said and "give us a big spread", "yes sir".

Mike was between her legs the head of his cock rubbing her clit and lips "Your very wet Mrs. M." "Just fuck me" in went the cock, he was moving slowly and kept pushing deeper until there public mounds were together. Loots brought his cock to her mouth and she opened and sucked the whole thing down. His pace had speeded up and the fire between her legs was there, oh god I’m going to come in front of them, she did and hard, mike pumped another couple of minutes and then with a twitch she felt hot sticky cum shot inside her ugh was her response as she had another orgasm.

She was still breathing heavy when mike moved off and loots put his hard cock in her.

"Honey your cock feels great but you can’t keep shooting cum in me, I could get knocked up by one of you". She moaned in pleasure and every time he would push down as there pubic met it rubbed he clit and there was the burning again yes another orgasm, a couple of pumps later and yet another hot sticky load was added to her pussy. 

It took a few minutes for her to calm down a bit. "Wow that was wonderful thank you both so much, I really need that". 

"Mrs. M, come here and mike slipped his now hard cock back into her very sloppy pussy. 
"Wow your hard, are we going again"? "You bet your ass".
A moan of pleasure escaped her lips as she started raising her hips to meet him pushing down. It took quite a bit longer and that was fine with here the fire started in her pussy and only cum was going to put it out. "Oh yes, yes ,yes" she felt it start to sweep over her. Mike twitched and another hot sticky load spewed out into her pussy. Her breathing was slowing as the boys had there hands in her crotch rubbing cum all over her. 

"Open you mouth" and a large glob of cum was placed on her tongue, she smiled and swallowed.
"Um good". Loots got between her legs, his cock hard and slowly he started pumping in and out she moaned and told him "go slow, take your time you feel great", he worked her slowly for ten minutes she was building up to the hardest orgasm she had possibly ever had.
"Oh my god" as she pushed her hips up with every downward push he gave her until she felt it, she screamed in her pillow and shuttered with the most violent orgasm she had ever had, the she felt him flood her with more hot cum. They laid there for quite a while catching there breath.

"My god I’ve never been fucked like that"! "I hope you enjoyed it"? "Oh god did I ever, thank you so much".

They put a few pillows under her head and they just laid there. She was leaking like a facet and the boys wasted no time in getting big globs in her mouth which she swallowed with eagerness. "You guys know how to take care of a lady". "We Try". "You do a great job".

"Open wide Mrs.M and a large glob went on her tongue, smiling at them swallowed and showed them her empty mouth.

Donna stood up and pulled up her panties, the gushing had stopped and now she was leaking small amounts which she snatched with her finger and put in her mouth. "Look at the mess in your panties".
She looked down and realized they were right, "My god I have you two to thank for it, it feels wonderful".
"Mrs. M have you ever been fucked four times in a row"? "Not until today". "Think you will want to do it again". I’m positive but this is our secret and we have to be careful".

"How about a blow job", she smiled at loots and got back on the bed. They were both laying there so she sucked them at the same time. "You know I love sucking your cocks" It took quite a while and her jaws ere aching but ultimately she was rewarded with two mouthfuls of hot cum. As she swallowed the second load she smiled, "your nut sacks empty"? "For now".
"I now understand the term" " once you get black you never go back". 
"Were really happy you enjoyed our cocks". "Oh god did I ever". "Can we perhaps get together again soon"?
"Yup". The boys were getting dressed to leave.

"We thought you may enjoy this and they handed her a cd". "Should I change"?
"No leave the cum soaked panties on for a while we enjoy see the mess we’ve made".
"I’m covered with cum, so what put on a robe and come see us out". " Ok"

As they were walking to the door loots said "we’ll call you tomorrow for sure".

"Well great but I’m sore and may need a few days, besides we’ve got to get condoms you can’t keep spraying cum in me.

Mike looked at her, " hey well call you tomorrow ok"?.

Before they left both guys gave her long hard tongue kissed. "Talk to you tomorrow".

Donna went back to her room and locked the door, eric was still asleep. They had gangbanged her for three hours. She smiled and thought about the way the cock felt in her pussy, all the cum she had swallowed, and she was still leaking there cum.
She put the cd on and laid down, a title came on very hot MILF and there was Donna, oh my god. She sat there mesmerized, for the next three hours she watched herself having sex with them. She was bug eyed. My god she though they have the whole thing on video. If this gets out I’m ruined. 

Well I guess when they call I’ll have to work with this.

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